Beyond Retro turns receipts into loyalty gold

Slip’s integration boosted Beyond Retro’s customer database by 226%, transforming their loyalty program and setting a new standard for sustainable, omnichannel retail engagement.

The challenge: Bridging the gap: Beyond Retro's quest for a unified customer view

Beyond Retro, a leader in vintage retail with a global footprint and a commitment to sustainable fashion, faced a challenge: understanding in-store customer activity to enhance their omnichannel strategy. 

Despite having a popular newsletter and a strong customer base, Beyond Retro struggled to connect in-store purchase data with their online profiles. Their existing setup with POS provider Sitoo didn't allow for seamless integration with their CRM system, Klaviyo. This gap hindered their ability to deepen customer engagement and loyalty.

Innovation: Slip’s tailored solution for Beyond Retro

Eager for innovation, Beyond Retro collaborated with Slip to refine the customer sign-up process. After testing different flows, we introduced a web-app and a bespoke customer journey in their stores which enabled instant marketing database sign-ups, offering shoppers a 10% discount on the first order. This integration linked purchase details directly to Klaviyo, enriching customer profiles with valuable purchase data. Slip became Beyond Retro’s offline cookie.

The Slip effect: Beyond Retro's stunning 226% surge in engagement

In just one month, Beyond Retro witnessed an astonishing 226% increase in newsletter sign-ups, with their Dalston store experiencing a surge of 664%. This growth was propelled by the successful adoption of Slip's digital receipt solution, more than doubling the number of receipts sent compared to their previous email receipt system.

Slip has revolutionised the way in which we connect with our customers, increasing email capture 220% against previous numbers and in record time too! Diligently setting up complex integrations in our CRM, their attentiveness and swiftness to implement change is key to their shared success

–– Mattie Bolton, Head of Customer Care, Beyond Retro

Encouraged by these outcomes, Beyond Retro is considering expanding Slip's solution to their Nordic stores and integrating e-commerce data for a truly unified customer view. This advancement promises to enhance the shopping experience across all channels, rewarding customer loyalty more effectively.

About Beyond Retro: Vintage visionaries

With stores in the UK, Sweden, and Finland, Beyond Retro has led the vintage fashion market since 2002. Their mission to offer sustainable, unique fashion choices has established them as pioneers in promoting environmentally friendly shopping habits worldwide.

About Slip: Revolutionising retail engagement one receipt at a time

Slip transforms receipts into powerful engagement tools for retailers. By innovating the way transactions are recorded and utilised, Slip helps businesses like Beyond Retro unlock new levels of customer insight and loyalty, fostering a more connected and sustainable shopping experience.

Slip. Love Receipts.

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